Make the most of coupons and referrals

There are a few different tools you can use to promote your course (see here for technical details and instructions). The right combination of them will depend on your marketing strategy and how much time you want to devote to course promotions.

  • referral link lets you refer unlimited students to a course without influencing its selling price. If you participate in the
    Referral links are great when you want to create a permanent way to passively channel students to your course (“set it and forget it”), like on your website or professional profile.
  • discount coupon lets you create a temporary promotional price for your course. You can choose between a steep discount that lasts for a few days, or a more moderate discount that lasts for 30 days.

    A steep, temporary discount is great for running an urgency-driven promotion, like a sale you announce via email or social media. A more moderate discount is well-suited to content marketing like a series of YouTube videos or a blog post. For all coupons with expiration dates, be sure to communicate the deadline to your potential students to motivate them to enroll while the offer is still available.

“How should I include referral links or coupons in my marketing?”

Great marketing is about finding the people who have a problem your course can address, helping them understand how your course will solve their problem, and making it easy for them to enroll. This is where links and coupons come in.

Whether you’re launching a new course or promoting an existing one to a new audience, make sure you:

  • Clearly explain who will benefit from your course and what that benefit looks like
  • Link to the course early in the message
  • Set expectations about any deal you’re offering, including the price, who’s eligible, and the expiration date

Ready to create a promotion, but unsure where to start? Check out some ideas for marketing to an external audience here.