The assignments extension adds the feature to assign tasks to learners based on each topic inside the courses. You can create as many assignments as you want. You can also drag-drop assignments to order them between lessons and quizzes or just put one at the end of each topic.

Creating a new assignment

Navigate to any course and on the builder section, you will see a button named “ + Assignments”.

After clicking on the + Assignment button, a pop up will appear to input the necessary information.

add assignment

Attachments: If you want to provide sample questions, research paper or any kind of drawing as instructions, you can upload a file in this section.

Time Duration: This applies right after the learner views the assignment section. You can set any number starting from zero. Here Zero means no time limit. After the time limit is over, the learner will not be able to upload any files on the assignment section and submit the assignment.

Mark: The total mark has to be mentioned here. You can set any number larger than zero.

Passing Mark: The minimum mark for the assignment considered as pass. you can set any number larger than zero and smaller than or equal the total mark.

Allow to Upload Files: If you want to allow the learners to upload files, then you can set any number larger than zero (Maximum is 50MB). If you do not want the learners to upload any files and just write the text on the submission page, then you can set it to zero.

Upload File Size Limit: You can specify a number larger than zero here. This field calculates and restricts the file upload size in megabytes.

After you are done configuring the assignment setting, you can see an assignment submission form like this –

assignment submission form

Assignment Resubmission

Some learners perform well in assignments, some perform miserably. Sometimes they would want to resubmit their assignment work. To manage this system, you need to inform admin to delete their submitted assignment from the Instructor’s (backend) panel.

Once an assignment is deleted, a new version of the task can be resubmitted.