Marketing Section: Rules and Guidelines

What is a Marketing Section?

A Marketing Section is the last lecture of the course, posted after the rest of the course materials. This space can be used to market your other courses, products, and services (online or offline) to learners. It is considered a marketing tool for instructors.

Instructors typically use the Marketing Section to provide coupon codes, course referral links, external links to other products and services, and affiliate links to supplementary course materials.

Rules of Marketing Section

As the Marketing Section is a marketing tool, we have rules governing their use to ensure their impact on the learning experience is unobtrusive. 

  • Marketing section lectures may not be referenced in any other spaces such as Direct Messages, the Course Landing Page, or Announcements
  • Only one Marketing Section is permitted per course, and it must be the last of the course
  • If you have resources such as PDFs, these must be included within the Marketing Section
  • Marketing Section may not be available as part of the Free Preview
  • The title of the Marketing Section must include the word “bonus.” For example: “bonus section,” “bonus lecture,” “bonus lesson,” etc. 
  • The materials contained in your Marketing Section may not be mentioned in the lecture title or description, as these are visible from the Course Landing Page

When an instructor is clearly going against the spirit of policies in an attempt to game the system, or if we see a severe negative impact on the learner experience (high unsubscribe rates or refund rates), it will be considered a violation of our policies.